Are grizzly bear actions really similar to human actions?

Do you know that grizzly bear can act like humans and have a special value and place to some people? however, it is obvious that bears are huge ravenous animals. In this context, there is Matthew Nun a wildlife activist, who tries to warn people about a grizzly bear. There is also Joseph Han who narrates a sad story about his adopted bear’s uncle. On the other hand. Sai Paransath has a different trend which is positive about bears throughout the story of Anderson Casy. So the question that can be raised here is: If there is a bear in the backyard, can people go pet it?

People should remove stereotypes on grizzly bear:

Casy Anderson is a naturalist, who went out beyond the ordinary. He adopted a big grizzly his name Brutus whom Casey raised from birth.
The grizzly bear was raised as a super member of the family, between Anderson and his married Charlie and actress Missi Pyle.

Anderson has a special saying which is «  It is the biggest misconception. When you hear about a Grizzly bear. It’s because they have done something wrong ». Anderson tries to sensibilize people do not to generalize when they see one wrong case about, they are not all the same. And he is trying to avoid stereotypes towards bears.

Anderson gave a typical picture of bears and their importance in life. So, is this the case for all bears? Is Joseph Han trying to confirm what Anderson said or to refuse him? This is what we are going to see

My uncle’s bear put him in a serious dilemma :

Joseph Han says: My dear uncle came across a small bear in rural China, in the 1940s. It was still very young. He took it home and raised it like a pet. Because he was alone he fed it, cared for its health, and even tried to socialize it with people. The way this animal was reared resembles a taming process. It could be said that my uncle actually did tame the bear.

However, even the bear was tamed, that did not stop him to hurt and injure a neighborhood kid after its growing to be detained.

The kid’s wounds were not in a way that is serious or grave that much. However, the poor uncle was paying the huge medical bill for a long time to that kid.

Also, Joseph through his story confirmed what Matthew had narrated to say that bears should not be trusted. Because of the cure, one will turn suddenly into a cruel and a murderess. Means: Bears can become monsters.

That raises another question which is: Can we find only monster bears or there are exceptions that will answer this question :

He says: « there is no such thing as having a bear for a pet. Do not pet any bear ever ».Concerning my saying I will tell you why. It is not a good idea to pet bear that circulating in the backyard. But how about if it is tamed?

Normally, and as it is familiar that animal lovers prefer to have pets either cats or dogs, they may be happy with them.

To extract what aforementioned, it becomes clear that Joseph Han disagreed with Anderson’s point of view, by focusing on the bad side of bears. Is it the same case for Matthew Nun or not?

Let’s us discover :

What a tragic story for Timothy!

Matthew Nun a massive film buff. He is upvoted by Oliver star, a wildlife activist. Matthew says: I am going to tell you about a special man his name is Timothy Treadwell, he was very enthusiastic about bears. He lived with old bears in Alaska for a long period more than 13 years old. Timothy was very interested in Grizzlies. He was very passionate about grizzlies. That pushed him to participate even in an organization for bear protection called grizzly people.

More than this, there is a documentary, its name is a grizzly man by Werner Herzog, in which it is broadcast. This man plays and pampers with them until 2003. This year, unfortunately, happened what was unexpected. This man whose name whilst was attacked with his girlfriend by a grizzly bear, when they were camping in the park.

The intense love by this man toward bears ended with a tragic story. This man who gave his life to love and take care of bears, trying to pet them and pamper them, died by them, which is really very catastrophic and unbelievable.

That shows, people should trust no animal whatever could be. They may be killed one day by them. People should extract from this story this:« please !! don’t go pet that bears».

Finally, people’s opinions about bears are different. Some insist on paying attention to bears or any other animal, for the reason that, they may return severe. However, others are trying to shed the light on the importance of animals and bears as an example. But people, in general, should be cautious from bears or any other animal.