Do pets die with the death of their owners?

People by their nature tend to adopt pets and try to raise them in their houses. However, the way of dealing with these pets is what makes these last, either loving their owners or hating them. They feel with people who take care of them and the one who uses bad treatment with them. Rosetta Babelexpresses the bad feeling of her cat after her father’s death. In the same context, Andrienne Boswell points to the sadness of the cat Nottina and kept her angriness in a place for 30 days. Katrina Kaouri evokes a story about her sister’s cat and how the death of her sister makes the cat in a long angriness until she died. so If the owner of a cat died, will the cat know or will the cat think her owner left her an escape?

Rosetta Babel says: My cat’s name is caramel. She was 10 weeks old the first time she came to us. It was the time when my father was sick and could not speak. Even though, he smiled at Caramel. This last was usually jumping on his head. Over time and after two years, Caramel started understanding, that my father was brittle that’s why she showed him special treatment. Sometimes, when she was playing with her ball, and the grandpa is walking, she stopped playing under fear of hurting hi

Then my father died. At that time Caramel had 2 years old. The days Before his death, the caramel was sitting and waiting for him to come from the hospital. Even on the day of his death, the caramel was swishing on whatever person could or any relative tried to sit on his bed. That was on the day of his funeral. Moreover, she was waiting for him to come back. We did not know her sadness and melancholy situation about my dad. Therefore, she falls into anger hysteria, and huge nervous. That was her sadness and disappointment action.

She died too after eight years more about her living with us. I made a grave for her next to my dad’s grave. I could not trust anyone else after her death except my grandpa.

What can be extracted from Rosetta Babel story is the place of a kind pets owner can not be replaced. So is the following story have the same sense? This is what we are going to see:

Adrienne Boswellnarrates: Nottina is our cat. She is 11 years old. Her owner died at age of 96 years old. Nottina was very attached to her man, that’s why she did not let anyone else touch her.

The man’s family refused to take care of her. For this reason, a friend of my family felt pity towards her and decided to adopt her. The first-month Nottina was so afraid to go out of bed. When she did finally go out, she was very compassionate. Then things started getting worse. The woman that was looking after her became severely so allergic to cats. She stuck a stick beside the door.

When I saw the sticker, I decided to adopt this lady Nottina. After 14 days of attempting to put her in a transporter, suddenly she came herself to my house.

Nottina arrived and she acted the same way as she was doing in my friend’s house, I bring her a litter box where there was food, dish, and water but she run quickly to my closet to hide in. She stayed there for about a month. I put food and I left, so that not feels afraid or scared. 30 days later I could sit down in a chair on the other corner of the room, waiting for her to come for eating food. This operation had been repeated for two weeks.

Furthermore, anyone who tried to come near the closest starts screaming and swishing blue bloody murder. That touched my heart so much because I know that she was very angry, lonely, and hesitant. My son put a stout jacket and condom on swishing and biting into the bedroom, while I was talking to her but she did not pay even attention to my son’s voice.

Nottina’s owner was Armenian, he loved her too much, and he was calling her JanNottina which means love. For this reason, she was not used to hearing her name in English. I started calling her Nottina-Jan and she raised her head. I brushed her with a brush until she got clean.

Then she became another one, she waited for me on my bed seating on my pillow. I was so delighted that she accepted me finally and started loving me.

Of course, Nottina’s story was the same as Caramel story.

Katrina Kaouri, says I did not expect that I will answer such a question before August 2019. However, my lovely sister died in August. She was my kind soul who loved animals so much.

Years ago, she found on a small road, a semi-dead cat, whose name was Blate, this last had given birth to 5 little kittens and a boy. My sister took Blate to the vet and then she spayed her. Suddenly blate died and she left 5 kittens behind her.

Before her death, Blate was eating hardly on my sister’s pillow for two weeks, and looking very angry which showed the angriness in my sister’s absence. After these two weeks, she looked as if was not coming back. Blate was very compassionate with my father who was looking after her for a period of time with some help from me

Moreover, in the last month before her death, Blate preferred me to take care of her, we had built a commitment between us that made me very happy and joyful. Although, I thought that until August I did not like cats at all.

To sum up, pets understand who takes care of them, and who loves them very much. So the loss of those owners can make anger and great sadness in the hearts of pets. Moreover, the absence of lovely people in pets’ death can push them to die too. That extracts the importance of good dealing with pets.