Do Ukrainian pets resist during the war?

The war has started between Ukraine and Russia. For this reason, many people decided to leave their countries looking for safety. The big issue here is those pets with their owners. It is obvious that each alive being has the right to live a peaceful life. On this topic, many opinions have been raised. Tom Williams evokes an impressive short story of a soldier with his cat. David Levitt mentioned another side of a soldier playing with his cat Also, Erin Burnett delivers the importance of cat cafes in the war period. Deborah Von Brod has shown his attitude towards owners’ pets’ escape. So, during the war between Ukraine and Russia, what will happen to Ukrainian pets?

Many people put their pets in cages and they take them wherever they go:

Tom Williams says: I saw a Ukrainian man, who was wearing a tin hat and taking gun while carrying a fish tank with cat transporter through Kyiv.

Tom added, that man took his pets from his apartment which was damaged by the bombings.

This emphasizes that People in Ukraine have left for safety since Russia started deploying its troops. So how can those owners protect their beloved pets from the destruction of the ongoing conflict? In this context Kozintseva will answer:

Marianna Kozintseva has evolved into a typical conversation of someone. Its content is in the following shape:

  • Are you going to leave Kyiv if Putin attacks?
  • No, I can’t, I have a cat.

This short conversation has stressed the importance of cats as a symbol of Ukraine’s grassroots resistance.

The war also pushed many people to put their pets in cages to keep them in safety.

On the same corner, there is Erin Burnett, so what does he say?

The journalist Erin Burnett has uncovered the war from the ground had shared the possessor of a cat cafe in Lviv who was staying put in the city as they feel of duty towards 20 cats that they adapt.

Erin Burnett says also: a cat cafe is a place that is constructed for a lot of small cats. One of its rules is a place that is open for 20 cats to feed. This life according to owners. They will not leave.

In addition point of view of some persons and the public opinion’s sayings, there is also Deborah and David who have other additions about Ukrainian pets:

A lot of owners choose to escape with their pets towards tunnels:

Deborah Von Brod says: the Ukrainians escape with their pets to tunnels and underground lanes.

David Leavitt on the same hand adds: the Ukrainian soldiers play with cats even during the war and they carry them and most of the people in Kyiv do not leave their cats behind. In other words, they treat their pets like children.

Furthermore, there are many videos and photos of Ukrainians, taking their pets with them as they shelter from air attacks in subways, stations, or they pass a difficult journey to cross the border.

Public opinion demands from the government look for some measures as soon as possible:

Therefore, The government should take serious decisions and precautions for these poor creatures. For humans on one hand, and for alive beings on the other hand. It should take into consideration their difficult conditions of them and try to find some solutions as soon as possible.

We hope also, that this war and these conflicts will end peacefully.

As measures to this issue, the government should emphasize that the most valuable and most important thing is the preservation of life. Both humans and those pets and other animals which has nothing to do with these miserable situations should stay in peace.

The EBC of the animal kingdom Hopes these conflicts can be resolved peacefully in these few days if it is possible.

Finally, no one chooses to be in wars and conflicts, but destiny sometimes brings them. Also, every one by this nature tends to live a peaceful life. However, happened the opposite at least the government should put as a priority these weak creatures that have nothing to do with those conditions by saving these Ukrainian pets and protecting them from war.