Does my smart pet understand me more than humans do?

It is obvious that people can have a lot of experiences with a smart pet. Many people narrate their stories either with their pets. Mike Mc Afee evokes a veterinarian’s sayings in a clinic to perform euthanasia operation. Zach Rogers narrates his dog’s sad story in a  neighborhood bathroom. So, what these persons are narrating exactly?

The bad experiences of peole with their smart pet in euthanasia implimentation:

Mike Mc Afee: my wife’s job is as a veterinarian. Her mission is to organize. She is in charge of euthanasia operations. She has to do it occasionally. Also, she goes to the clients and she has to be kind to them. When people decide to say goodbye to their pets, they are obliged to come 30 minutes before so as to go to the room that is prepared for euthanasia operation.

They take some minutes to say goodbye to a smart pet or any other pet before the procedures. That’s why my wife has a good relationship with these employees and more than twenty years in the same post. She tries to consoles And to talk to them before and after the operation and to be aware of whatever decision they make.

My wife saw a man who was crying before doing the next one. There are some emergencies of euthanasia when animals can not be saved. It is unbearable for a per owner to endure especially this clinic exceptional in its efforts to ease the situation as much as possible. 

Also, the abundance of employees. Their job with animals depends on a client’s wishes. For those who do not like to take the animal with them. The clinic stores them until collecting them, then they throw them in the garbage. This is what happens to a vet officer certainly. That is to say that there are places that are not at all.

My smart pet loves to have shower just by me:

1- The situation of my dog when he is bathing at home:

Zach Rogers says: My smart pet is a dog. He likes to have a  shower every day, he runs away towards the bathroom, he pushes you to take a shower and to rinse him too, but recently he is no longer satisfied to have a shower at home. This became a wave of anger for him really.  That’s why we decided to take him to a local of pets to have a bath, then to take him to a park.

My smart pet has a problem of crippling separation anxiety. That’s why we planned to have someone with him always and if things get harsh we will give him a vet prescribed called Xanax, but we try to reduce using this as much as possible. My smart pet tried to escape from the front door of the house, or sometimes he tries to push himself through the window. That’s why one day his head got stuck in the floor vent.

I have to find a breeder for my smart pet whom I can afford. and who would hold him for a long time. I call him the goodest of boys.

2- My dog’s situation during having a shower out of home:

Finally, we put him in a groomer. The groomer was next to a large pet store. We decided to move around while he was groomed. The lady was in charge of him. The lady leaves my smart pet in the bathroom between soap and shears. It took some seconds for panic to start. And the noises that he was making in the park-like if someone is murdering a hippo with a lawnmower. He rip tapes, and he yanked the table off.

One of the bolts holding and was on the ground literally screaming while the poor. However, the grooming lady was trying to take him off from his madness. My smart pet was like this when we came moving in and when we released him. He came lying in my lap but they were sorry for not being able to bathe our perfect boy. We still paid for the bathe, we excused, we quitted.

Now we get him to a kiddy pool. In the winter, we make it in the garage and he gets dried by a towel. He is my boy and my smart pet. Therefore, we conclude that every dog has a favorite human.

Glover took another trend for this issue, let’s discover:

Having pictures for a lost pet is necassary to find it:

Janalyn Glover says : 

It is preferable to take pictures of pets to local shelters. Also, doing rounds of pet and grocery stores with posters. Moreover, visiting various areas and public amenities to share the information. Stopping also by the police department, libraries, public schools with a reward poster could be enough to make the whole town interested in support.

This can also help if someone found my pet as an example, he will bring it back to me, which I want to visit in shelters, and pet stores. Supposing someone who assumes my smart pet, which is misleading with no home, he should buy provisions for said pet at some point which is why I want to reward.

My friend’s pet was a cat, she had lost once, so we went to every shelter, every store, every public place for 15 days in vain with nothing found. She fell broke down and cried in front of a homeless man with his dog. She gave him her last money with the last posters. Both of the two had her hairy friend by dinner time. The gentleman was evicted because he was an old handicapped experienced. He passed different experiences.

Finally, experiences with a smart pet are endless. Some of those experiences are funny, others are tragic, but they remain memories. People should take care of them.