How would an untrained dog protect its owner?

How interesting To have dogs in this life. They feel and act more than humans, they are loyal friends and companions. They protect the persons in difficult situations, even those untrained ones. This will be obvious from fantastic stories; like the magical story of Rai. Also, Mark and Robert have unmemorable ones. how would an untrained dog protect its owner? What are these interesting stories which are brought by great people?

1 – Mark has a superhero dog :

Mark confirmed that even a trained dog can protect and help its owner, he said that he was going out one night from a grocery toward his car. He was near the parking, where a couple is coming toward him, asking him to give them money to buy wine as they said. They need to laugh, the woman was drunk and the man was much more.

He refused and he continue his way towards his car. They followed him, and they obliged him to do so without choice. He told them to give him a while to put his groceries in his car. The moment he opened the tailgate, his dog Belgian Tervuren dog run away toward his owner trying to lick his face and stood between the couple and his owner showing his teeth glowing in a way he didn’t sees him before. Then the couple run away relying on his feet.

The dog came back to the car and acted as if nothing had happened. Also, this shows the force of a dog can triumph even dogs like him or the huge ones.

2 – Ivan dog could defeat two huge Pitbulls :

According to Robert, a dog can be strong without any training, he stressed on this idea by telling his dog’s story. The dog is called Ivan. He was very lazy, stubborn, and unmotivated. Robert added that he was untrainable. One day, Robert was walking with Ivan as usual, about 12 miles every time, According to Robert, stressed that, a dog can be strong without training, he told his dog’s story. The dog is called Ivan. He was very lazy, stubborn, and unmotivated.

Robert added that he was untrainable. One day, Robert was walking with Ivan as usual, about 12 miles every time, that is depended on how the weather is. They were stopped by two big Pitbulls. Robert had never seen them before. They were looking in a strange way, trying to devour Ivan and his owner. The first Pitbull was coming to bite the dog Ivan, and he had a hairy month. Robert made sure that, his dog had an enough force, and can do whatever should be, just to defend himself and his owner. Moreover, Robert didn’t remember the speed that the dog took to send those Pitbulls far away, towards hills, with a noisy sound, then they continued their way.

They arrived home, the dog took his place as usual on the couch. Robert concluded finally, that training has nothing to do with defending self, and this is the case with his dog.

3- A fantastic story of a dog that made Rai fall in love with him :

Rai is a veterinarian at City Animal Hospital, He said that, when he was a veterinary school student as a senior, there was a huge Dane dog. His weight is about 14-18 Kilos. The dog had a particular obliterated back story.

Rai was looking after them with kindness many days. The dog was very nice a kind as other dogs. That’s why Rai fell in love with him. The dog was lying on a palette on the floor because of his big weight. It was hard for him to be placed in a cage, and that made him ill all the time because he could not move.

Rai was in the preparation of injecting different treatments in his intravenous catheter. Rai’s face was usually beside the dog’s jaws. The doctor asked Rai many times about the dog’s story. However, Rai ignored the story. Rai was still putting his face beside his mouth. Rai said that he was a student who stayed enough long period of using filled different syringes, with different treatments hearing short versions during his work. The story was that the dog as belonging to a rich widow. She lived lonely in the Main Line, in an area outside Philadephia.

The widow’s bedroom was a night routine for sleep with dogs or pups. One day, the widow got up cautiously from her bed and observed that dog was looking for something, that was in the middle of the night. The house was calm, so the woman returned back to sleep. The pups were sleeping when the widow got up in the morning. They were at the end of her bed. They got up when they see the woman, and joined her from downstairs to the kitchen.

However, there was a stranger who awakened the pupps in the night. He was dead on the kitchen’s ground as a pool of blood, so pupps did their duty by killing him, and they went back to sleep as nothing happened. Rai finished an intravenous a leak fondle with this great kind titan dog, and this was never so happy without understanding this dog’s story.

Therefore, the dog can differentiate between good guys and bad ones without any training before.

To sum up, how magical to know that dogs contribute to rescue themselves and their owners without any pretraining. Also, dogs can be the right hand in difficult situations.