Dog breed Makes the Difference

Dogs are beautiful by their nature. However, people have different trends and tastes in having dogs. That depends on their breeds. For example, some people prefer having Huskies. Others prefer Loulou ex. Breeds make difference even in personalities, behaviors, and not only appearance. In this context, Thomas Vincent gives his opinion about the Catahoulas breed. Marlenne Martinez prefers Border Collie. However, Klara Williams talks about Huskies. So which dog breed should the average person not own?

1 – Catahoulas is a famous dog breed but gets bored easily:

According to Thomas Vincent‘s sayings; a dog rescue and foster. The breed Catahoulas is considered the smartest breed in the world. On the page interface of the national association, there is a slogan « not everyone needs a Catahoula ». That is to say, this breed is very intelligent, independent, they can even outperform people. Because of my work in dog rescue, many people call this type the most intelligent dog they have ever seen. The state dog of Louisana is called Catahoula Cur. Its owners say, that dogs are taught to find cows. In other words, Catahoulas dogs can bring cows after 3 hours and herding them, and put them in a stable. Without any supervision from humans.

Moreover, people choose the kinds of breed because it is the prettiest dogs ever. Furthermore, dogs unlock the cage inside and outside thinking of their owners at every switch. However, the breed can get devastating without any excitation because it easily gets boring.

This breed is very attractive. However, is there any other breed that can have other qualities more than this? Klara Williams is going to answer :

2 – Huskies dog breed is known for its beauty, it is very noisy:

She talks about Huskies, she says: Huskies are part of the most popular dogs in the world. Also, Huskies are the most beautiful creatures. Moreover, they have many lovely characteristics. Yet behind these qualities, there is a big personality.

Huskies need to be somewhere cold or snowy because they have a dense undercoat with another stratum. Otherwise, you should light the air conditioner, or if the house by its nature is cold for the dog to not suffer.

Huskies are very active or persistent dogs. This means they can not stay the whole day without any exercise. Because their brain needs to be exciting as other dogs, yet here Huskies are more active than others. They tend to be independent, agile, « not a lazy family life ».

Another responsibility for Huskies which health problems, foods bills, and the vet could be an issue. Furthermore, to have a Husky means you have noise. That is to say that their howl makes a big noise which really disturbs neighbors.

For both dogs and owners to be happy, it should be a serious commitment between them. That is to say, to have a Husky, means you know his needs and requirements. It is a big responsibility to adapt a Husky after that, you abandon him or you rehomed him. Which is not good for dogs’ personalities.

To let down a Husky is a serious problem. However, Huskies make life more beautiful. Also, they make pets that are the best and intimate partners in this life. « having a wolf would be so cool ». These dogs deserve a better life. So for people who look at their cute pictures, and photos on the internet, it is better if they adopt them. Because their beautiful and cute creatures deserve to have a loving home.

3 – Border Collie is another perfect dog breed, but it needs a job:

Marlene Martinez who lived with more than 55 dogs and, and who owned 15 bully breeds is speaking about Border Collies breed :

When I was a child at age of 8 years old, I asked my father to let me take over a Border Collie. I was in love with them. Unfortunately, my dad refused to adopt him. However, my Maltese died 8 years later .so to forget that loss and that absence, my dad finally decided to let me adopt a Border Collie puppy. Here my life has changed at least. But these dogs are not for the average of every person, unless if person’s life is on a ranch.

Border Collies are so smart. I was surprised by how intelligent they are. that’S why they need continual stimulation to not get bored easily. And this is the case with my puppy, who is 8 months old. However, she knows more than 40 words and instructions. Also, she is a fantastic artist and gets whatever she wants. Moreover, these dogs need to have a job. They find one if their owners don’t give it to them, and it will not be good at all. This is the case with my puppy after herding her. She decided on a job that was destroying the yard. About 500$ damages in which I owe my dad.

Moreover, these dogs have a powerful sense. I was living in a city where the nearest farm is about 40 minutes away. So at age of 2 months old, my puppy revealed an intense herding instinct. The older she gets, she started herding cars. It was very difficult to control her. For example, when kids are running sometimes, she likes to herd them together. She even Carried her toys and bones and everything could be. She started also herding and carrying dogs too. In September her chain had slid, and she got bit by car.

Dogs need many exercises and training. They have to walk and run too. In addition to some mental exercises and stimulations. My puppy can even swim and hike for hours, and she comes back ready to move and to play. For these reasons they are needy; they need time, training, and care. Because dogs are born to herd to do exercises and to be active means to be workers.

I loved so much my cute Sofia, but I had to do some severe changes for her, and for my lifestyle. Because I am so committed to my girl Sofia, we are very attached to each other. I am thinking to have another Collie Border soon. And I am very sure that if you do some research on Collies Borders, you will fall in love with them.

My parents at the beginning were against having dogs at home because they do not love them, and they were against adopting another one in the time that I had Sofia, but now Sofia is their daughter. In the end, she could win their heart and, they fell in love with her.

Finally, dogs beautify life. They are the real companions for humans. Their breeds are different and many. Each breed has special qualities. However, it is better to adopt dogs under the commitments. And people should know the serious responsibility behind the adoption.