Hilarious but true stories of funniest dogs who stole the show

Dogs are one of the funniest, kindest, and most loving animals a man could want to keep as a pet. These charming tales are guaranteed to make any wet-dog lover laugh out loud and raise his or her paw for excitement.

1. I don’t drink soda but my husband does so we always have a few 2-liter bottles in the house. One day after bringing a few from the grocery store, I left them on the floor to put away later and noticed a few minutes later that my dog had chewed through the bottle and spilled soda all over the carpet. My husband tried to keep her away from soda bottles but she would always find a way. One time after bringing home a 12-pack of Diet soda, he decided to leave it on our dining room table which was off-limits for her, so she wouldn’t be tempted by the bottles sitting on the floor. When he took his eyes off of her while unpacking other groceries, she got up on the table and took a big swig out of one. I guess it was better than chewing through it!

2. When I got my dog, Chelsea, at six months of age (after she was dropped on the streets and left for dead), the last thing I thought she would do is be such a smart dog. She was very shy at first, wouldn’t play and just slept all day long. After a week or so of training her, she started waking me up every morning by bringing me one of my socks and looked at me as if to say, ‘Get up and take me for a walk.’ How could I say no? Well here it is two years now and she has turned out to be what my friends call, ‘a Mensa dog,’ because not only does she do the sock thing but many other things that make us all go wow! We talk about this dog all the time because she really is beyond smart.

3. I can’t think of an animal I miss more than Lily, my first dog. She was a sweet yellow lab and we were together for 13 years. I have a million great stories about her, but one of my favorites is the time she took a glass of hydrating iced tea upstairs and put it down on the bedroom floor without spilling a drop.

4. Sheri wasn’t in the mood for a treat late one afternoon, and she was very cute when she pouted her lips and stared at me with big brown eyes. But by that time, I had already gone through a box of chocolate truffles, so I broke one open for her. She pounced on it and bit into it, smiling with delight as she realized that the piece was smaller than a normal piece of chocolate. While she ate her snack, I watched her out of the corner of my eye to see if any other guests would notice that she hadn’t taken anything else from the table.

5. My dog Hachi is a very brave dog. He loves his daily games of chasing cats. From far away, he slowly trots towards the unsuspecting cat. As he gets closer, the cat notices and begins to freeze out of fear. This is when my dog displays his best burst of speed and quickly runs up to the cat. Naturally, the cat freaks out and attacks my dog, which sends him running home to lick his wounds.

6. When we put out one of his chairs, he runs over and nudges a second chair toward the table, trying to let you know (without words) it’s time for breakfast.