Have you ever heard about chicken training?

You may do think that chicken training can not be true. Chickens were created to provide humans with eggs, not to tame them, but with little patience and love, they can be kind. Rolande Testa has briefly indicated special thoughts about chicken training. Also, Audry Vera Monroe has mentioned a story about his chicken. So, how can a chicken be trained?

A chicken can not be tamed :

Rolande Testa, says :

Chickens can not be trained. However, people can attract them by using seeds or can lead them and breed them too. 

Steps to follow in chicken training:

1 – The difference between taming a chicken and other animals:

Maddie Roach, says :

Obviously, the way of realizing chicken training is different from the way of taming a cat or a dog. They have different characters. A chicken can get a lot of humans interaction. But there are some ways and tips that are somehow possible about chicken training. They are on the following :

2 – A chicken should pass from 2 necessary steps to tame it

And before we should mention that a chicken can get a lot of humans interaction.

Firstly, If you can not tame a chicken easily, you should start from the ground and do not expect it the jump into your arms.

You should be quiet and deliberately display relaxed, nonthreatening body language, and a combination with food is all a good start. Mostly this takes time to be comfortable around people in general, and around you specifically.

Secondly, you should be gentle with them, because they have thin skin and lighter bones than mammals of similar size. And you don’t need to worry about adults when you injured them for special health matters.

3 – Chicks should have a specific dealing:

Chicks are so soft and you should use a specific dealing with them. You can look for an expert to know how much force is appropriate. Also, watching videos online of other people handling chickens. Moreover, watch the chickens, you are handling for their reaction.

There is a difference between a bird settling down once it’s been caught, and a bird who is being held so tightly, and that can not move. Health and safety are among the priorities that come first.

4 – My experience with my chicken named Penny:

The rest of taming relies on the breed’s temperament. I have a black one called Penny that has no problem picking up, that jumps voluntarily on my laboratory, hangs out freely, and relaxes down when you pet her. She usually looks for physical affection from me. 

Also, she takes a few times to be a kind visitor. My other chickens enjoy my company, and they settle on me. They clean my hair. They even eat in my hand. However, I tried to avoid my attempts to pet them because they don’t like embracing the way Penny does.

But these should not stop you from trying cuddling chicks, they are so soft and tender as they appear. Birds are real friends just you should find the right way to approach them.

Jaylen’s experience with chicken training was easy:

Jaylen Byree added :

I have a chicken, it is my cutest animal. that I love so much and she loves me too. I brought it when she was just born. So I used to feed her, but the way I feed her or I give her Crockett with a special way and that helped a lot to tame her. Also, I spend much with her, and I hug her. In other words, I give her more attention. Therefore, she became like my baby girl.

Libby’s way in chicken training is another story:

Libby Flanagan :

I have four chickens. I consider them my real friends. And this is the way that I used to tame them.

The first thing that you should do when you have chickens is to feed them in your hands, to know that food comes from you. This is a better way to associate you with food. Therefore, you are a good person for them. You should keep them the same way you feed them. You can also call them with their names shacking some food and then they gonna follow you. That much better way to get them around you. 

Try to visit them much more times a day, and wear the same shoes, and that helps the chicken get familiar with you. Making my special food- shacking food

Finally, chickens mainly are not difficult to tame. Yet you need to be aware of the right way you deal with them. Also, chickens cannot be tamed with the concept of true taming but people try to make them kinder and more friendly with them. Chicken training is a topic that raises other issues