Do hedgehogs eat strange and different food? why?

There is no other exotic animal that has caught the attention of the public quite as the pet hedgehog has. They are friendly and so cute. However, hedgehogs can eat whatever thing like grains, meat, fruit, vegetables, but they eat insects too much. Lian has stated some known foods that hedgehogs eat. Also, Clair Jordan has added other food that hedgehogs eat. Steven L Gaudry has mentioned a special point in which people should follow a special diet for their hedgehogs. So what do hedgehogs eat specifically?

Lian Zimmerman says: 

Hedgehogs are mainly insectivores. They like to eat fruits, meat, and even eggs. They can also eat mealworms, crickets, another diet of hedgehogs is worms

Let’s discover what Clair is trying to saya

Clair Jordan Says:

Hedgehogs’ diet is primarily related to insects. They eat worms, caterpillars, invertebrates. Sometimes, they eat baby birds and mice. Also, they eat berries, nuts, and eggs. They look like small bears. 

As a piece of information, hedgehogs are omnivores tending towards carnivores.

Hedgehogs sometimes eat slugs and snails, but they resort to eating them when they do not find something better to eat, and they often select parasites from them.

Here we have seen other types of foods that Lian did not mention. And we are going to move Pauline Young’ssayings.

Pauline Young says :

Hedgehogs are highly qualified to eat cat and kitten’s food at low fat. Moreover, people have full authority to mix between different brands or just use one brand-related to food.

I try to use various foods for my hedgehogs. That’s why I try to use different brands to make a special mixture of my own. However, it is advisable to avoid commercial food for your hedgehogs. Because those products do not contain the nutritional needs for hedgehogs. In other words, they do not contain any real foods that are made for hedgehogs.

You may have noticed that there are other types of foods that were mentioned by Pauline. And now it is James’s turn to give his opinion about what do hedgehogs eat?

James Keppel, says :

There is a simple list of food that you can give to your hedgehogs, and no need to follow a special order when you are feeding them.

Mainly there are slugs, insects, beetles, earwigs, caterpillars, earthworms, snails, larvae, but occasionally when they eat birds, eggs, carrion, baby birds, frogs, and fallen fruits.

Steven. L gaudry says :

Hedgehogs are basically eating creepy crawlies. That is to say, the majority of hedgehogs ‘diet is made up of invertebrates.

Moreover, the most important invertebrates’ diet is worms, beetles, slugs, caterpillars, earwigs, and millipedes. 

Also, they eat other types of insects. They frequently eat carrion, frogs, baby rodents, baby birds, birds’ eggs, and fallen fruits. 

You can also provide your hedgehog with a combination of meat-based dog and cat food, a dog’s food, and cat’s biscuits.

On other hand, Different studies have shown that hedgehogs do not need to be dependent on what you may give them. Most of the time, they are limited to eating in gardens.       

Therefore, there is no evidence that proves that you should follow a special diet for a hedgehog. That means you are free from being obsessed with what you should give them frequently.

According to some studies, hedgehogs eat also scorpions and pit vipers.

Now take with us Lyn’s sayings

Aicha Lyn, says : 

I own a female African hedgehog. Whose name is Bibble? My cute hedgehog loves eating mealworms most of the time. 

Gillian schifreen says :

Hedgehogs babies in wild eat earthworms, bugs, and slugs as their diet.

At last, there is Gillian who will finish what others have started.

Chris Cox, says : 

Hedgehogs are known as « the gardeners friends » because they love snails and slugs.

Another note to add is that we usually put out uneaten cat food for local birds and hedgehogs too. Also, you should bear in mind that hedgehogs do not eat fish.

Finally, hedgehogs don’t have a special diet to follow, they can eat everything they find. But people should pay attention to what they give them, to protect them from some diseases. Moreover, hedgehogs’ diet is not difficult to respect.