How many meals should I feed my dog in a day?

The foods that dogs eat are the main and the basic elements to maintain their health and their safety. Moreover, dogs’ nutrition by design plays an important role in their weight. Grey Woolf, invite people to provide their dogs with plenty of food. However, Sallamy Hbeb, tackles the point that what you feed a dog must be rationed. Gwens on the other hand supports Sallamy’s point on the importance of being aware of dogs’ meals number. So, on what standards people should follow to feed their dogs?

A dog should have all the freedom to eat whatever he wants:

Tyodora greywoolf Says: dogs should have free food like kings, they need plenty of food, and this is the case of how I feed my dog. He can eat in areas of the house. Also, he will eat as much they need

Is this the same point of Sallamy Hbeb’s saying?

Let’s discover:

A schedule is needed for dog’s food:

1- the dog should eat just to times a day:

Sallamy hbeb says:

Some vegetarians advise dog owners to feed their dogs twice a day.

Dogs should have a plan or a schedule of what they eat, or some restrictions. Especially dairy dogs or those ones with medical issues. Also, people should speak to their vegetarians about dog food or dogs’ eating habits. That is to say, people should be aware of the nutritional needs of their dogs’ body requirements. For example, to feed a dog, means you are obliged to know the number of calories and nourishments he needs in a day than the average.

Small dogs or puppies; need more food for growing up fast. Puppies should eat three times a day, times a day.

2- puppies can have more than 2 meals a day:

Moreover, those puppies who eat three times or four times a day can digest easily. Also, they can conserve their energy.

Furthermore, it is necessary to not overfeed puppies, Because overweight ones will become overweight adults. For newborn puppies, they need between 5 and 6 meals a day. Especially in the first three months. In other words, I should feed my dog a limited number of meals.

It is necessary to maintain the same caloric intake although puppies grow up fast and to maintain the regular amount of food from four to twelve months of age too.

You should limit how much food to feed a dog, also, people should estimate dogs ‘ weight when they will grow up.

You can also use rated weight to know the number of calories that a dog needs per day.

That is to say, free-feeding or making food within reach of dogs is not recommended by vegetarians.

What does Gwens say on this topic?

The dog weight is related to food he eats:

Gwens S: say

I feed my dog with homemade food, every bunch is different, depending on what I have to give him. At the same time, I am attentive to his weight, if he seems to get weight, I reduce the quantity of food. However, if he looks losing weight, I redouble food quantity for him, or I add more calories dense addition. For example, I give him a bit of cheese or a bit of olive oil.

My dog moves a lot. Therefore, he eats much more than the average dog, yet he is smooth as hounds have to be. This pushes you to discover other tips that help your dog live longer, happier, and healthier.

How about Judy, Does he have the same point as Gwens?. Let‘s discover

Judy Freed says:

There are feeding guides printed on the bag for most dog food. I use whatever canned food for my dogs. For small dogs, I use an average size of tuna in cans, almost a half cup, but for some breeds, a small seize tuna can be enough. However, if your dog eats much from what is given to him next time you should offer him less. Taking into consideration the size of a well-grown cat, you should feed a dog with rationality.

Finally, to feed a dog, you should be aware of the balance and the regular manner of food. Also, he needs a piece of medical consulting advice. People should pay the very attention to what they give to their pets. In the same context, there are other pets that have special food like hedgehogs. And that influences their weight either positively or negatively.