How to Teach Your Dog to Defend You and Your Family

  • Introduction

Puppies that begin to experience the world early will grow up to be more outgoing and secure adults. Training a puppy to guard you and your family, though, can take some time and patience — as is true with all aspects of dog training, you’ll get better results if you start training sooner rather than later so that he is able to absorb what you are trying to teach him.

  • Defining Tasks

Your dog is a valuable member of the family, so teaching him to guard your home will only add to his worth. A dog who is trained to guard will be on the lookout for outsiders and potential threats to any member of your family. Keep in mind that your pup considers you and your family to be part of his pack. As a result, you should be viewed as the Alpha leader, with the rest of the family as members of the pack that he will naturally protect from strangers and other sorts of danger.

  • Getting Started

Dogs are naturally protective of their families, but you as the puppy owner may use these instincts to train your pet for guard dog duties.
Before you begin training your pet to guard you and your loved ones, make sure he understands the fundamental commands, including’ sit.’ ”stay,’ ‘quiet,’ ‘come,’ and’ down.’ You will also have to ensure that your pet is well socialized to people and other dogs.
Of course, there are a few items you’ll need in addition to the instruction.

Dog training is a treat, dog treats give your dog the chance to learn and come back, while also rewarding your dog for correct behavior.  Dog training is something that should be done with other people and dogs around you, so it’s important to choose a place where many people can easily see you and help in your training when necessary. It takes time for a puppy to train him or her to defend themselves, but it happens quickly with patience and consistency.


Protecting others is a natural instinct for dogs. If you want to encourage your dog’s protective nature, training is key. The most important thing to remember is that by training your dog to be protective, you are only enhancing natural instincts that are already there. Take your time, be patient, and your efforts will pay off over time for both you and your dog.