The controversies in Canada about euthanasia pets of truckers

Many people are so surprised by what has been taken by Canada towards pets. These beautiful creatures that beautify the world are going to be killed under some claims that are not reasonable at all. Operation Euthanasia pets angered many people, especially public opinion. Jesse Watters expressed her worries and her grudge against the government and Ottawa police. Also, Roland Reagan uncovers the aggressive action against the right of freedom, that everyone should have. Frankly, has the same trend as Roland. Moreover, Ottawa Police announced about severe resolution. So can euthanasia of pets be the right decision for their owners?

The government decisions are shocks to public opinion:

Canada took an inhuman decision toward truckers’ pets by seizing or euthanizing them. In other words, she started a crackdown on freedom convoys.

Ottawa police say: anyone who is attempting to bring material support (Gaz. etc) to the demonstrators could that as subject to arrest. Enforcement underway. Canada took severe actions against the trucker’s convoy.

It is a very scary government that puts up disgusting disband.

To kill an animal is a brutal and aggressive method even if is related to euthanasia operation. The public opinion called the government a terrorist for these decisions.

This hatred of animals is not human. So does what Jesse Watters see in this issue?

JESSE Watters says: never in my 56 years, I have experienced a country so divided, so full of hatred towards their friends and their neighbors. They may have different opinions from theirs. They are willing to consecrate many humiliations against pets and their owner

People call us terrorists for the first 36 hours we were true with hatred, with threats of some violence. people treat their teams on the phone, telling them we are coming to get you or we are gonna throw rocks from your window. You are not going to see supporters. Many people call me the disgusting woman I should go to hell. It is been tough today. Sights blind support terrorists

Many people felt surprised about getting arrested by speaking their minds and sticking up for their self considering they carry up for the pandemic. For them, this is so terrifying. Threatening owners of animals in fact a government will kill your dog for a trifling order. This is basically under the threat. It stated: “If you are unable to care for your pet, we will take your pet away at your expense for a week. Also, if you did not come back and claimed, then we are going to apply euthanasia pets on your dog or any other animal”

TV has shown this disgusting policy image about euthanasia pets. It is even hurtless for the community.

The world demands an end to euthanasia pets that is Undemocracy:

What can we say about the government’s sayings? Is it anti-democracy against animals? “Ottawa bylaw says to pay attention to animal owner offer if you are not able to care for your animal, they will keep it in protective place care for 8 days, at your cost. After 8 days if arrangements didn’t happen, your animal will die.”

Retired Owing G Hatch says: “ We are taking away your puppies, it is a great way to show you no longer worry about the optics of this crackdown“.

Frankly says:“ A government that will kill your dog simply for disobeying their orders on a public demonstration, will eventually have no problem killing you for the same reason”

Shel DesorIeaux states: This is an unusual form of cruelty. How will your relationship with your community survive this? You know these are working-class people? How do you ever expect them to trust you again? Have you thought that far he survive Does it even matter to you?

Michelle Goldberg: There were plenty of people on the streets who seemed genuinely baffled by the media’s description of them as part of a far-right government. They have been infuriated and in some cases unmoored by Canada’s pandemic restrictions, which have been stricter than America’s.

ROLAND REAGAN ON FREEDOM: Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We did not pass it to our children in the bloodstream. The only way they can inherit the freedom is to fight for it, defend it, protect it. Also, hand it over to them with thought lessons about how they should do the same in their lives. And if you and I don’t do this, then you and may well spend our sunsets years telling our children what it once was like in America when men were free.”

Finally, killing a creature whatever could be, is a crime not permitted by law. The poor owners paid so much the price of this crime. For which right to apply euthanasia on pets or apply torture against them if they manifest about their rights. Therefore, the feeling of truckers toward the loss of their pets is the same for those pets too. That is to say, the world should defend those poor owners with their pets, and this case should end. for more information, you can watch this video.