Top 10 most popular cat breeds in 2022

Cats are beloved by many, but deciding which cat will be your companion requires good research, clever planning, and a smart decision. Here are the cat breeds that tend to appeal more to pet owners around the world.

1 – The Maine

The Maine Coon is a lovable and large cat whose origins are uncertain, but it may be a result of mating wild cats with raccoons. A gentle giant, also known as the “cougar” or “racoon” it’s good with children and dogs.

The great size of the Maine coon cat is one of its defining characteristics. These large felines are gentle giants with muscular bodies and powerful legs. They have a wide chest and carry a thick, long coat that’s waterproof to protect them outdoors. The typical Maine coon comes in at 8–18 pounds, but these cats can get much larger if they’re kept indoors and fed an unrestricted diet. Their friendly personality makes them the perfect companion.

2 – British shorthair

British shorthair cats are a wonderfully rare breed. In fact, they’re one of the oldest recognized cat breeds in the world. Originally Romans brought them over to Britain. These prized cats became a symbol of Britain and people call them later the aristocrat of cats”. Like living teddy bears, the British shorthair has soft plush coats with compact bodies and is, on average, larger than other house cats.

With their charming small ears, big round eyes, and soft, plush coat, it’s no wonder the British Shorthair has become one of the most popular cat breeds in the world. But did you know they are also great family pets? Quiet and no-nonsense they may prefer to watch life unfold from a comfortable sofa than chase feathers or play hide-and-seek. Classy cats, British Shorthairs only require gentle brushing-nice and easy!

3 – Ragdoll

Ragdoll cats are ideal house pets because they’re friendly, social, and gentle with everyone. They get along great with children, dogs, and other cats, although they need a bit more maintenance than some breeds. They can be easily trained and will even fetch!

These larger-than-life kitties feature long hair that doesn’t usually shed much, but does require regular brushing to keep it tangle-free. Ragdoll cats have a relaxed, laid-back personality and prefer human company over being left alone for too long.

4 – Persian cat

The Persian cat, named after its original habitat, has long-haired, a round face, and a short muzzle. The Persian’s original coat color is silver, But today many people accept different colors for showing. Weighing 8 to 15 pounds or more, the Persian is heavier than it looks. This breed tends to be docile and dignified, but don’t let that fool you – the Persian plays hard.

The Persian cat has a long and colorful history with roots dating back centuries, yet it took centuries for the breed to be perfected into the cat we know today. The Persian is well-mannered, easygoing, and enjoys spending most of its time curled up in your lap. If you are looking for a quiet but more loving feline companion, this sweet fur ball nicknamed “Punch Face” may be just what you’re looking for.

5 – Bengal cat

If you’re looking for true beauty, then you can’t go wrong with the Bengal cat. This stunning animal was developed by breeding small Asian leopard cats with domestic cats. The resulting breed is the only one of its kind that is bred using wild cat ancestors. Bengal cats are prized for their exotic coat colors, which come in a variety of wild patterns.

They’re gentle and energetic, but love to play, especially if the game involves water. Bengal owners say these cats love toys. Bengals have a distinctive sleek appearance, with long bodies and strong legs. This gorgeous cat has hypnotic eyes and mesmerizing markings.

6 – Siamese cat

The Siamese breed is known for their intelligence and personality. They usually have a light color with dark brown markings on the face, ears, paws, and tail. Other distinctive qualities are blue eyes, and sometimes crossed eyes.

They are great at learning tricks and even better at training their people to do what they want.
He is extremely people-oriented and loves to be with his human family.

7 – Tabby cat

Tabby cats are not a specific breed, but rather are cats with distinctive markings of stripes, dots, lines, or swirling patterns. Their coats can be in shades of browns, tans, and more. Many tabby’s also included the classic “M” pattern on their foreheads. The tabby cat is thought to be one of the oldest domesticated cat breeds.

Did you know many popular cat breeds have tabby as part of their breed standard? From the Singapura to the Maine Coon, plenty of cats can be called “tabby,” but why are they so popular? One might say it is because they are simply gorgeous, with distinctive markings and sharp, alert eyes.

8 – Sphynx cat

The Sphinx breed of cat stands out for its distinctive lack of hair, otherwise referred to as its lack of fur. The skin is covered in a very fine layer of down. While every hairless Samoyed Kitten is unique in its appearance, the breed features several distinguishable characteristics. Our sphynx cats are wrinkled, enormous ears and tails with cobby bodies. They have a sweet, inquisitive personality, which makes them great family pets.

When the sphynx cat first debuted in the 1960s, it was considered a bit of a freak show, with some observers referring to it as an “alien cat.” But this unique breed soon won over the hearts of cat lovers and is now one of the most popular purebred cats. If you’re looking for a cuddly, interesting new family member, look no further than the adorably bald ‘alien cat.’

9 – Calico cat

Calicos are a favorite of cat-lovers everywhere. Their tri-color coats include black, orange, and white; “dilute” calicos may have gray, beige, and white instead. Calico cats are not a breed. They come in all different sizes, shapes, and personalities. Calico cats can appear in a number of purebred breeds, including domestic shorthair and longhaired mixtures.

Interestingly, the U.S. is just about the only place in the world that uses the term “calico cat” to describe this coloration pattern. The rest of the world refers to them by several completely different names, such as tortoiseshell and white, or brindle.

10 – Khao Manee

Having been around for more than a thousand years, the Khao Manee has become a highly valued and treasured feline breed from Thailand. These cats are legendary not only for their looks but also for the fact they may well be the most expensive cat in the world.

Khao Manee cats like to be well-groomed, so it is important that their coat be brushed regularly. They like feeling smooth and are unlikely to protest when you brush them. This will also help get rid of any additional loose hairs.