What is the kindest thing a pet has done for you?

They feel you when you are either happy or sad. They care for you and treat you more than humans. However, the specific pet here is the cat, this small animal can do whatever thing just to please people. Teresita in this context talks about her lovely cat, this latter madly loves her. Also, Paul expresses the unbelievable act that his cat has done for him. Judy has the most trustful and cutest cat in the world. What’s the kindest thing a pet has done for you?

• Teresita’cat is an angel for the cuteness:

his is Teresita, she is speaking about her cat. She said I usually take care of him, and I feed him up. My cat is my right hand. One night, he was very glowing running over me and I thought that was a rubbish lorry. The proof is that he glows like a rubbish lorry, then I fell asleep, but he wakes me up again starting to race over me again with a glowing in her face. While he was walking beside me, he smells an odor like the burning of rubbish. he went out and he found that was just smoke.

The second time, I was crying in my bed because of the bad news that I had, he came and got closer to me with kindness, lying on my chest. He was meowing loudly, and he was touching my hand and my cheek. The following day was when I returned back from school after a pressured experience. I lay and I fell asleep, then I was surprised by something touching my lips.

My cat was standing over me. I fell asleep with tiredness, then he came and awakened me by his touching, using the same way as before. This operation took about 15 min for this to be repeated until he sniffled something again, and he went out. He know that blood pressure was dangerously low, and he would get me up. He taught other cats things or more before he crossed the rainbow bridge when he was 13 years old.

What kindness of this cat that cares about her owner, and relieves pain on her. Maybe if she was placed in another situation, she would feed her and survive her from death.

• Paul’s cat rescued him when he was about to die from starvation:

Paul says: I lived with cats since I was born, and this is my cat, Ashly. One day, even though I was cracking, I had bought food for her with the last money I had, it was 2 days that had passed about payment. That means that there was no longer money I had, so I no longer had food at home. Therefore, I went to sleep even though I was starving.

The following morning I prepared breakfast for her while she was looking at me, dazzling me with her beauty. She went out from the window. I was thinking and looking at the same time for abundance. I heard the sound of muffling. It was the cat coming from the window with a dove. She has just got and took it by her feet. He looked at me battering her eyes and cleaning herself. It was like she understood that I am starving. That’s why she brought me something to eat. What a wonderful creature!

Judy’s cat has done an act more than human to survive him. Also, cats are more trustful for her raiser or tamer.

• Tamed cat of Judy trusts him forever by his kind dealing:

Judy is a person who worked in vet clinics, owned cats for 40 years. He said that he saw an orange feteral cat eating out of a wastebasket in tabor. Intentionally I decided to trap him in a human trap and to train him. Also, to neutered him. I started by putting him in a large cage dog in a backup bedroom. I put food and water in the cage regularly. I tried to attract him with chicken food.

Its name is a kitty. He cracked by cat rescues, with plastic spoon and duck taped on a long stick. However, the cat has a hiding place constitute of a shoebox with a t-shirt above.

Moreover, the door is made of the neck opening. He would stand out his head and neck baby food out of the spoon. I spoke with him a lot. I read books for him. I told him stories even I sang to him. Also, I feel crazy about him. That means, everyone could watch this grey-haired lady attempting to convince this cat to trust her would be amusing.

One day after he had finished his eating or taking baby food on a spoon as habitual. He stopped and tried to look at me with a long meow. I could never describe it. That moment I felt chill bumps. He went to his hiding place and he mentioned to me putting his forehead and his paws through the cage to dandle him.

He has trusted me completely, finally, ever. But he hides from anyone else. It was a fantastic and miraculous thing. He is the most loving, faithful pet. I have never had. I will never let him be lonely. Updated photos to take more pictures for him in the trap. I took another picture of him in the cage after his taming this is the most wonderful thing I have ever seen to take him after for the vet for his upgrades picture.

Finally, cats are the most cutest and trustworthy pets in the world. They feel you even though people are discreet. They help their owners in difficult situations. And more than this is they trust them forever.