What was the rudest thing a visitor did to your pet?

To have pets at home means you have a big responsibility behind it. You should take care of them. you deal gently with them. You should be afraid of them from evil, so you treat them like babies. Unfortunately, there are some people unsympathetic with them. They hurt them and they beat them too. In this context, Jules narrates an impressive story about his cat. Also, Amy, the behavioral psychologist shows the malicious side of some people on puppies. So what are the rudest things that happened for these person’s pets?

  • Jules’s partner classroom project was about to kill his cat:

Jules was a 4 grades high student school says: I was hardly trying to have friends for reasons, on one hand, to have a partner for working on a project, and I decided to work on it at home. My hesitation behind not having friends maybe was true. And this is what happened. First of all, I have a cat called Inky. She was brought by my mother before I was born. It is a long time since she has been with us.

This cat is priceless for me. This means anyone who attempts to offend her will suffer. My cat has mushrooms influencing her fur. Making a scratch. Therefore, she had no fur. We dealt here with kindness by shaving affected areas. Two times a week in the bathroom. Don’t mind. EventhoughInky with good health more than 16 years old and strong.

When we reach home my partner in the project called Abby saw my baby Inky and started to deal with her peacefully. And sleeping in her favorite place, and I invited Abby to pamper and play with her whatever she wants, yet to be gentle and kind with her.

Then I went to bring some drinks for us from the kitchen and project matters from my room. However, luckily I have security cameras and audios in the whole house, And a bay window within the cameras’ scenery.

Suddenly the girl Abby observed that Inky’s back is shaved and her skin was patchy. These were just the treatment’s results. I had told Abby about Inky’ illness symptoms. Because many people get afraid to see like that. Most of the time they may get injured or infected. Sometimes it takes time with continuous contact to be inflected.

The girl Abby had changed instantly after had seen her she awaken her from slumber and started shouting and screaming at her. From peace to yell saying: why are you bald why are you a mangy cat? Cats should have fur hairless scabby cats? You should have fur! That makes you not a cat! This means she is saying to her «I don’t even know why I am yelling at you. You are a lousy bald rat-cat. You can’t understand me you are so stupid to be a cat or to be called a cat. You are not a cat at all».

At this time I saw Inky swishing from misery. I heard Abby screaming and shouting from the room I thought that Inky had scratched or hit her but I got nervous and awful and I ran to help her or to save the two either Abby or Inky.

I reached downstairs and I heard that Abby had stopped screaming but she started to shake her violently here me who started screaming and shouting, and I rushed to help my poor Inky from this enemy Abby.

My heart started beating fastly and something inside me snapped I had fastly saved Inky and I put her in her bed recovering her with a blanket. However, I took Abby away from her and I told her: « what is wrong with you Abby? What makes it okay, that you are shaking my cat around in the air like a stupid doll? If I went to your house, and I started shaking your grandpa whose hair is turning grey, would you like it? You know I was happy we were partnered up since you are popular, but I would rather be a loser with a loyal cat than be popular and be mean like you. Get out of my house now.

After a period of time, Inky started recovering from her illness under the treatment, I am so excited even Inky and she is lounging in her beloved cat.

On 24/04/2021 I am thanking you one by one for your support and your comments on Inky’s story. However, after two weeks Inky died after she got sick under kidney disease she didn’t eat and she was very weak. She didn’t do her exciting things. The poor Inky was meowing from misery. So she died in her sleep at age of 18 years old.

  • Amy’s friend has an evil look toward hispuppy:

Amy is a behavioral psychologist Ph.D. and Vincent Lamp. Studied animals and fish at the University of Washington 2011 say: this is not absolutely showing rudity, but it is just a telling. I was meeting a guy about a month at the same time I got a golden retriever puppy.

Because of the dog he had, I thought that he normally loves animals. One day, he came to my house to choose with me a time, I brought my puppy with me to see him, and I am saying to myself that he would be glad to pamper a two months old golden puppy who was kind and napping on my arm.

However, it was apparently clear that he had a weird and strange look toward my cat. He came to the door and looked at me holding it. I asked him if he wanted to play with him or pet him. He refused by saying no with moderation showing his postpone.

I try not to say that this story is rude. He pushed me to know what does the comfort zone means and not everyone can treat a puppy very well. This is so expressive. Throughout that date or that meeting, I discovered a lot.

My thinking of that reaction and how was true. I will react and what a big role of animals can play in life. Pets or animals got scared when people try to greet them in a rude way, they have poorly behaved. They lucked with enthusiasm, but this small puppy was cute as would be with sleeping there peacefully.

Finally, pets are honorable creatures and we should deal with them with mercy. They are the ones that can we find in hard situations. They can not hurt us so why people do hurt them and injured them. Pets are price from god that’s why protect this blessing.