What’s Your Dog’s Intelligence Level?

While there are many factors that contribute to the intelligence and trainability of dogs, some breeds are just born with a higher level of native smarts than others. And there is a lot you can tell about your dog by looking at their breed.

If you choose a dog bred to hunt, herd, or retrieve, it will be more likely to be swift on its feet and eager to work, move, and please you. Sporting breeds are often smart if a bit distracted. But if you chose a livestock guard dog or scent hound (such as bloodhounds), prepare for a dog more likely to be dense and missing in action.

In The Intelligence of Dogs, Dr. Stanley Coren emphasizes trainability as a sign of intelligence. An easily-trained dog is much more likely to be well-behaved in your home and in public.

You never knew your dog was so smart. A new study from the University of British Columbia uses expert dog obedience judges to rank 110 breeds by their working intelligence, or their ability to understand what they’re being asked to do and obey commands.

Here are the top breeds in the 2018 study by Stanley Coren, a psychology professor at the University of British Columbia in Canada and an expert on dog intelligence:

1. Border Collie: is a well-balanced herding dog that combines fitness and grace with work ethic. It attracts people with its lithe, eager-to-please form and eyes that reflect an eager intelligence. Also known for its stunning good looks, this breed is the world’s premier sheepherder.

2. German Shepherd Dog: is the world’s foremost police, guard, and military dog, a loving and loyal family pet, and an esteemed herder. Here is everything you need to make your relationship with this highly intelligent breed all that it should be.

3. Poodles: are considered one of the most intelligent dog breeds. Plus, they’re incredibly active, fun, and easy to train. They were originally bred to retrieve items in water and the smaller variety may have been used for truffle hunting.

4. Doberman Pinscher: Known for its speed, endurance, and intelligence. Its proud stature and smooth gait are recognized everywhere. A highly trainable breed, the Doberman is known for its extreme loyalty to the family in which it lives.

5. Golden Retriever: is an enthusiastic, smart, and friendly dog. Originally bred as a hunting companion, this dog enjoys regular exercise and family engagement.

6. Labrador Retrievers: are the most popular dog breed in America. Thriving in performance sports and family life, they are gentle and perceptive of their surroundings.

7. Shetland Sheepdog: is a smaller, agile version of the Rough Collie. He is alert, eager to learn, and devoted to his family. Originally from the Shetland Islands, he was used to herding sheep in the rugged terrain. Over the years he has been successfully transformed from working stock to companion dog.

8. Rottweilers: are loyal, obedient, and make great companions. They are fearless and loving creatures who thrive in a working environment. Like police dogs, herders, service dogs, therapy dogs, competition dogs, and friends they have proved their worth.

9. Papillons: are joyful, alert, and non-aggressive dogs. This breed is usually shy around strangers but does well in performance sports.

10. Australian Cattle Dog: is an incredibly smart dog and also incredibly energetic, which is why you need to keep this bundle of energy occupied. Give him a job to do, like herding, obedience, or agility competitions and he’s happy as can be.

We always hear about how dogs are “man’s best friend,” and how loyal and loving they are. But, is it true that smart dogs make better pets?

Smart or not, a dog is a living creature and needs you to explain to him what exactly you want from him. In this article, you will find the principles of successful training of dogs. When we are done, your good boy will become an even better boy!

Bulldogs are intelligent, gregarious dogs who thrive on human attention. They quickly get bored left alone for long periods and need at least half an hour of exercise each day. Bulldogs can be great players, though the game may need to be adjusted to fit the breed’s shape and temperament no Frisbee for a Bulldog, who might injure his face with a jump and grab; a ball is better.

A medium-sized, athletic dog, the Border Collie is capable of great stamina and quick responsiveness. It is smart, learns quickly, and is eager to please. Originally bred to work all day and control livestock, it will be unhappy if not given an outlet for its energy and intelligence.

Having a smart dog can be so much fun. The problem is if you don’t keep your dog entertained and busy, they’ll usually come up with their own ways to fill their time…and that’s usually not good for you or your house.