Who are the favorite humans of our canine friends?

It seems quite difficult to believe dogs have favorite persons. It is not easy at all. However, there are a number of aspects that are taken into consideration to prove that. Some of them are the difficult moment for dogs like sickness, homeless, troubles that need serious care, attention, love, and even expenses to help them. Darla Demo is a unique woman who did her best to help a dog, she suffered a lot to satisfy him. Also, Jay Bo confirmed what Darla said, he said that his dog trusts him a lot, and Jay is his godfather for him. So, do really our canine friends have a favorite human? And how?

An unbelievable act is done by Darla for a dog:

1 – Darla found a dog in dire straits:

Darla Demo says; one evening I was driving home. There was a ban from my house, suddenly I glimpsed a small white thing that was moving slowly wandering around in street. I lowered the speed, then I stopped, then I was waiting for it to come toward the other side of the car but it did not.

I asked my boyfriend and my son about these acts: did it stop in front of my car? However, they don’t care, I asked my boyfriend to go out and to bring it. 

2 – Darla’s boyfriend refused to bring that dog:

He looked at me strangely, I understood through his eyes that he wanted to say not again, and he started saying: we have three dogs. And we have returned three or four, so no need to bring another one with us,  he added jokingly: you can simply run over it as nothing happened. 

At the end, I convinced him to bring it back. It was a female Maltese that was the most miserable thing. It was small, dirty, famished, with long nails, and with deformed feet.

3 – Darla’s care towards that dog

We were taking her everywhere we went, and around the neighborhood, I used to hold her on my arm. When she sees small kids she shakes, and her heart is pulsing hard.

I took a shower for her. I brought a flea drop from the vet. Also, I posted her photos on Craigslist after taking them. She was a small thin creature like” a tiny luck dragon”. In other words, she was very slim like a flavor. Therefore, it became an unending story again, no one claimed.

She randomly walked around, her nails were very tacky. So I took her finally to my vet. He cut hers. Moreover, he examined her for worms. He got her vaccinated too to protect my canine friends. This last determined that she was five or six years old. Her front feet were distorted, even her teeth were disgusting and she was so bony from malnutrition. That‘s why she just weighed 4 pounds, and you can feel every bone of her body. Simply, she was ugly and malformed.

4 – Darla’s suffering with her relatives after the coming of the dog:

I was suffering under the pressure of my family to keep her at home. She was very sick and pitiful, so we could pay a lot of vet bills. I received offers through my announcements from Maltese Rescue and foreigners who want to take her. That pushed me to make sure that the rescue is trusty. I researched on the net and I found it legit, and so interested in her.

An old truck driver phoned me, he was nice and he wanted a small dog to accompany him on the road. However, he even was perfect, but I could not.

When I was carrying her she melt into me. However, when I was not holding her, she was looking at me with sadness. She slept on the pillow on my bed as she wanted, she even owned me. Therefore, she probably was depressed from her health problems.

In three years, it cost me a couple of thousand dollars. She was suffering from severe rheumatoid arthritis, and her front feet had gotten worse, she was moving like a seal. 

Furthermore, In the cold weather, I was carrying her up. And I have to look after her from getting hot or cold. She even had a special diet twice a day. I brought tureen at bedtime to make certain that she drinks and eats enough, she sleeps next to me every night and worries to die before morning. 

Now she drinks and eats well, and she weighs 7 pounds, she plays with other canine friends when she feels rowdy.

5 – The feeling of the dog after her cure:

She occasionally recognizes the importance of my existence and rewards my care with a little. She kissed my whole body when I am carrying her. Sometimes she gets me up looking at me with a small kiss on my nose. Suddenly, my friends and my family follow her pictures on Facebook. Sometimes, she gets crazy, she plays in front of my door. She still looks at me continuously and tries her best to me hug me when I come in at home. She feels the happiest one in the world. I carry her on a footstool in front of me.

A dog that trusts a man more than a woman :

Jay Bo says, my wife wants to adopt a dog, but I was hesitant. However, when it comes to emotions; I am going to give him all attention and care that he needs, once we decide to select one. Unfortunately, the dog was grateful for me more, and he felt that I am the most wonderful being on this planet. This can mean dogs die with the death of their owners.

He took this decision when we were walking one day together, and a dog tried to attack him but suddenly I interfered to rescue him. That means; he discovered that I am superman for him and I am a bodyguard for him.

When we are separated me and my wife; he ran quickly toward me. And I got close to him in turn too. 

Finally, pets are the most loyal creatures in the world, they need just care and true love to exchange it with their owners. therefore they need more attention, they are our canine friends.