12 facts about a chinchilla as a pet will push you to own one

There are some animals on our planet that a lot of people don’t know, and a chinchilla is one of them. It is a rare animal and even its name looks different. However, some people classified the chinchilla as a pet. Many researchers have tried to find some characteristics of this animal. So, What are the famous characteristics of this animal?

1- a chinchilla has a special dealing

Many researchers have found that the chinchilla is the most beautiful and endearing animal. Although its name is unique, its physical shape makes people fall in love with it. The chinchilla as a pet is very calm. However, this type of animal needs special care. That means the way people carry it is different. It needs to be free, and it needs to move without being besieged between fingers.

Moreover, the chinchilla is the softest animal with its fluffy body and its tiny hand.

2-a chinchilla lives for a long period

Another amazing thing about a chinchilla is that it lives long lives. It may lives about 20 years which is a long time by the way.

3- a chinchilla’s food is different from what is known

A chinchilla as a pet spends its life eating herbs, which means it can eat vegetarian food including flowers, fruits, grasses, leaves, Freshness sachets, and dry fruits

4- a chinchilla’s hair is denser than you can imagine

A chinchilla has the densest fur of all land mammals. Also, a chinchilla has hair everywhere in its body. That means; anywhere from 50 to 75 grows out of a single hair follicle. That‘s why it wears thinner coats.

Can you believe that a chinchilla that has hair everywhere does not get fleas?

5-A chinchilla never gets fleas

Effectively, researchers have mentioned another stunning thing about a chinchilla which is, it never gets fleas. Although the chinchilla has hair density, It is clean.

6-The chinchilla bathe in dust

Instead of taking baths in the water, a chinchilla rolls around the dust, the fine particles remove greases and any other loose particles on its fur. Another thing is if a chinchilla gets wet, it could get hypothermia.

7- A Chinchilla has a special gun against predators

The fantastic thing also to know about the chinchilla is it sheds fur to escape predators. Do you know how?

A Chinchilla is able to shed off the large patches of fur that the predators latch onto when they catch it. This operation is called fur slipping and happens in a stressful situation when it is stuck or when somebody holds it too tight.

8- There is no sociable animal than a chinchilla

The chinchilla is highly social. In other words, people who own only a chinchilla keep one at a time. Think of a chinchilla rabbit. It is a very social animal when it feels safe.

9- A chinchilla has a strong hearing which helps it detects predators

In addition to what aforesaid, a chinchilla has an excellent hearing. How could you not hear well when you have ears that big? a chinchilla has a sensitive hearing that helps it detects any predators lurking close by. This also makes it more likely to become overwhelmed or startled in loud homes.

10- This cute animal can even jump

You may see it like a small animal however, a chinchilla can jump fast why? It jumps to avoid predators. Moreover, It is known to the three feet to hide. a chinchilla also hides in crevices as a defense mechanism

11- Unfortunately a chinchilla is an endangered animal

A chinchilla appeared in 1828, and humans pushed it to extinction. It is hunted for its highly covered fur. Although the Incas used to hunt it for meat. The government currently prohibits all forms of trapping and hunting. But it is still difficult to regulate.

12- A chinchilla female gives birth two times a year which is not familiar

Another thing to know about a chinchilla is that its female gives birth two times a year, that is to say, a pregnant female carries its embryos for 11 days in the womb. The female can give birth to up to 6 babies. However, it is more common for a chinchilla to have 2 babies only.

Finally, a chinchilla as a pet is the kindest and the funniest animal in all its cases. People will never regret it. However, it needs special care to stay longer, and this is the case for a hamster too. if you want to know more about this amazing animal that grows old in good health and which has a good nutritious diet, here is a hamster article to check