Should pets treat like children?

Do you know that many people prefer to accompany dogs over humans? People feel comfortable living with these amazing creatures. These last are so cute and they do funny things. Kim Mc Callum narrates the story of her sick dog and why he could not leave him because of his softness. Julie Loretzen narrates that the dog pushed her to love her and she exaggerated in taking care of her pet. Clark Suzana who raised two dogs expresses how they treat her and how she loves them with justice. So, how are these persons treating their dogs? Do they treat them like their pets?

A soft dog makes Kim disregard people’s sayings and look after him :

1 – Kim’s dog has changed her life and rescued her from misery:

Kim Mc Callum says: My story with dogs started from my birth. For my whole life, I worked with dogs, and I studied them. My point of view on dogs was that we should not deal with them as babies. Over years, I was in a big misery, so life had slapped me, and it showed me the woes. I did not want to be alive anymore. Before my birthday of 7 days, a new body had lighted up my life. His weight was 3kg. He was horrified. Also, he was broken, powerless, and deteriorated. I understood what to do with him because I studied dog behavior in my life. However, all my studies and my knowledge were as a whole useless. This small body was in a bad condition and nothing could work with him, even the vet invited me twice to get rid of him.
I had nothing to do with him at the beginning, until I discovered that I am miserable, unfortunate, unhappy, and frightened too. for these reasons, I opened my heart to him. This poor dog had passed many nights afraid to sleep.

We were the same, we had the same situation, so we shared our whole life as one person.
I heard many times ” get over it” and you will be fine. ” it does not matter”. The poor were just watching me with his soft eyes, and with his paw on my leg.

2 – Kim and her suffering from the illness next to her dog:

You may say that the dog had done more than he should do, that’s why he is so special to me. I was suffering from 5 chronic illnesses. They were eating at my body without any improvement. In the beginning, no one could believe me; my family, my friends, and even my doctors were firm, but all was in my head, and I had to look for something. My lovely dog was only the one who could feel and know about my big pain, and he tried to be by my side keeping consoling me when the pain beat on me.

Because of the disregard of doctors, my illness had prevailed on me. I had a PKD, which was one of the biggest cysts on my renal, that had outbroken in the early hours of the morning. I remembered that I needed to go toilet but I could not, something was blacking me out that pushed me to blackout, and at the same time, being bleeding inside and outside.

In the end, I surrendered and I could not be creeping even toward my phone. Fortunately, I noticed that my boy was next to me, trying to help me and looking at me with horror. Then I passed out.

3 – Kim’s dog has done what humans could not do:

The moment I got up, I found him running toward my phone, and trying to carry it with his tiny mouth, pushing it under my head. Although the pain that I had, I could not believe the action of my boy, I was really in shock. He had never brought something, especially what I needed the most. I hugged them, and I called the ambulance. However, my phone broke down.

I started crying, screaming, trying to get help. It was like a nightmare where we could neither scream nor run. I surrendered again. I took my boy and I put him next to me. And I said ” I am scared” “I am dying” ” I don’t want to die” “I love you so much”. He looked at me then he withdrew towards my mum’s room. He did it although he knew that was not allowed to get in. My cat jumped on the above of her bed and exfoliated on her bed Until she awaken up and he could bring her to my room.

When I got up in the hospital, I understood that cysts had caused inside breeding. And my chutes have caused another breeding on renal. “My dog’s name is Jamie who saved my life“.

For all these reasons, I will not treat him like a dog, because he saved my life twice. My dog is my best and lovely friend. Both of us had shared the bad mood, temperature, blood pressure, and pain levels. So my dog is my angel and my world.

Julie’s pity towards a dog was the reason behind accepting his difficult situation:

Julie Lorentzen animal behaviorist, Ph.D. says: My cat was a kitten. When I found her, she was 6 weeks old and was left to die in a difficult condition. I took it and started warming it up a bit with my body temperature on my way home.

She was like had half died. However, when I brought her home, I tried to dry her because it was very cold in a rainy October. In a cold city called Scandinavia. But her strong pulse made her stable. I went to a vet with her. Also, I preferred to spend my money on her, instead of letting this poor creature suffer. I was just a student. Then I started feeding her every 2 hours per day and night even during my break school time.

my pity and my love for this little child pushed me to feed and take care of her. Moreover, I no longer suffered from nightmares.

While she was sick, she was panicking, she came to me and slept with her nose on my neck and hugged me on my hand, while her nose was on my wrist just to check my pulse.

Suzanna loves her dogs more than humans:

Suzanna Clark shares her story: Since I was a child, I have had dogs. Some of them behaved as dogs; that means, they did doggy things in a typical manner related to dogs. However, the other two dogs act like children. Their way of interacting with me and others was different.

They come to me in a way as if they were calling me to treat them like kids. If I boost to put one to bed, the other one stops what she is doing and waits for me to take her into her bed too. If I took a step accidentally trail off, they will scrape to be kissed and to be hugged too. Also, to remove fictive balsam on it. They throw screes on the floor, and they jumped to another place as if they are playing hopscotch.

When I have something to do, I leave them in mom’s house, they sit with her in the garden, and they help her. They even close the door, when I come back to bring them, they come running around me, hugging me and putting their head on my chest.

People are free to treat their dogs the way they want, but they should be responsible for that treatment. They should love them and take care of them. Polar Bear for me is on the left. Salty is on the right. Means they are equal to me.

Finally, dogs are loyal creatures. That’s why they are worth being treated like children. These cute creatures become important members of human life. For this reason, people should be responsible for their treatment of dogs.