Why do cats vomit? And how can you stop that?

People who own cats or any other pets are obliged to be cautious about the food that they give them, especially cats, and should pay attention to their health situation. In other words, many cats vomit undigested food for many reasons. That’s why people should be careful in this matter. In this context, Monnie More has stated some causes of cats’ vomiting throughout his own story with his cats. Vicki Stephen has added other points and ideas related to this topic. So, why is a throwing up undigested food?

Minnie More: a cat lover, says : 

One day I returned late to my home, and I found that my cats were so hungry for dinner. They ate their food fast and threw up undigested ones. Also, they used to do this activity when they were angry, or sometimes, when they had furballs. Means like their system was a closed faucet, but finally, everything came back. Because of the long fur that my cats had, I usually was in need to buy furballs remedy treatments. So furballs remedy is crunchies. Moreover, I used to sweep their long fur every day so as to get rid of excess fur otherwise it will get stuck in their throats when they were cleaning Themselves. 

Here I tried to provide you with some points that may be important for you. And don’t hesitate to consult the vet or the professionals if you have some problems. Because it may these things go wrong.

Vicki Stephens, says :

One of the reasons that pushes a cat to throw up undigested food is her speed in engorging food, which leads to a jolt of the stomach. Therefore, foods return back.

You can make a short experience, especially if you have a tall cat to make sure. You try raising up the food bowls, then the food will be eaten quickly before it falls from a cat’s mouth. 

Another reason that can cause the act of throwing up undigested food is those ingredients in cat food. You should make sure because most brands of food contain corn and grains. While cats are carnivores. That is to say, cats need meat in their diet instead of grains, or you can simply put some grains as food for your cat, and see if she will keep down what she ate.

Jacque Springer, says :

From my little experience, my cats vomit undigested food when they try a new brand or a new type of food. In other words, they vomit what they ate when they move from hard food to soft one. So, it is better to keep the same diet that you give them without changing it frequently.

Sometimes they throw up what they ate when they get into something and did not agree and it causes cats’ vomiting, or maybe fur balls. That can be clear for you if you give your cat a furball. And it happens frequently. Therefore, you should take your cat to the vet as soon as possible.

Regina Logan, says :

One of the signs of having either intestinal obstruction or cancer in your cat is the presence of successive and continuous vomiting. So it is necessary to go to the vet. In this case, the vet will give you either a treatment or simply will advise you to apply euthanasia operation if things get worse. 

Cats can reach this situation if their health is neglected. Also, people should have a license if they decided to raise a pet.

Elisabeth Hegarty, says : 

You should take your cat immediately to the vet when she vomits a lot. Because there are many reasons behind cats’ vomiting. It can be a stuck foreign object, a problem with an esophagus, inflammatory bowel disease, or stomach cancer. Your cat may pass away if you do not her to the vet as soon as possible.

Finally, there are several reasons behind the act of cats vomiting. People should not hesitate to make sure what happens to their cats to treat as soon as possible. when cats vomit, means something is going wrong with them. Because negligence and procrastination may be sufficient cause that leads to death, especially those serious illnesses.